March 25th

I am excited today! I am alive, well and loving life! Watch out, if you do not wish to be hit by this contagious emotion then get out of the way. I am about to explode with this incredible feeling.

Why am I excited? Simply because I choose to be. Because I am here among the living. I am happy and joyous. I am Excited.

Every thing big and small is more glorious to me this day! I am so excited and ready to tell the world about it! There is not a single incident that has occurred other than my deciding to be EXCITED!

I share my excitement with you. Would you like to be totally hit by this emotion? Okay, then stand right there where I can see you easily. You are required to only smile big for the camera. Got it? Ready?

You have been successfully scanned; you are virus free and now updated with this wonderful emotion of EXCITEMENT!

Observe and be careful, people will be looking at you wondering what in the world is wrong with you. You can zap them with it if you choose. Remind them they are alive and well. Tell them this gift of life is free and they do not have to work for it. Tell them the All-Knowing Presence of The Creator is breathing Life into them, free of charge. If they do not believe you remind them of the blood that circulates life in their body. Remind them their life is neither for sale nor can they purchase it. It is absolutely free. If that does not make them Excited, oh well!

As for me, I Am Excited and Thankful to be alive and well this day!

I Thank God for my existence. I sing Praises to The Most High. I Am Grateful to Allah.