April 16th

We can create change in the Universe by simply changing ourselves. We are the beginning point of all that is to transpire through transformation.

How will you affect the change you wish to see manifested in society? Will you choose to be more loving and accommodating? Is your choice for more peace and harmony? Can you demonstrate complete acceptance of all others?

We each must make a decision on where we stand within the context of humanity in a global consciousness. We can create a better environment. We can build a world society of mutual respect, complementary honor and trust. We begin right where we are.

We can destroy all limiting thoughts and behaviors that create separation. We can choose to love unconditionally. We are a part of a global family that seeks unity.

Today I make a conscious decision to be a change catalyst. I Am the human expression of The Creator and with this endowment I serve my fellow human in the most loving and accepting way possible.

I accept personal responsibility to create a better me. As I grow and expand, I am an example for others under my influence. I realize many are watching my actions. I choose to be my best at all times.

Yes, today I begin my life as a change catalyst. I serve in this role humbly. I envision a better world filled with Peace, Love and Harmony. I take action to manifest my vision into reality. I can and I will.

I Am a Change Catalyst.