May 1st

May is a month to accept miracles as a part of our expectations. That which we expect will manifest for us. I accept an abundance of miracles to be manifest in my life!

Miracle is defined as an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws; a remarkable thing.

The Universal Omnipotent Creative Source is ready to bless you with Miracles! The size of the Miracle depends largely upon you. What you think about and concentrate on is what will be produced in your life. You are already blessed with the Miracle of Life. For Life itself is beyond scientific explanation. For how do you explain this wonderfully crafted vessel we call a human body. Scientists are continually finding out new things about the human body. And probably until the end of times will these highly intelligent individuals be searching for all the answers as to what truly makes us operate the way we do.

I am expecting Miracles to be manifested in my life! I give Thanks every single day for this gift of Life. My first response to waking is Thankfulness that I was granted yet another day to live and breath; to live a brand new experience; to fully love all that is within me and around me. I give Thanks that I remain aware that all of everything is a Miracle that The Most High has created to bless me with. I give Thanks for I know, trust and believe that I do not do it alone! God is always with me, guiding and protecting me, that is Miracle enough to sustain me.

My Miraculous Provider is Awesome! I give Thanks for the Remarkable Presence and Power that gives me LIFE! I Am a Miracle! I Am a living Miracle! I Am a Loving Miracle!!! Thanks God!


  1. Rev. Richard Brown says:

    Happy miracles Sugar

  2. tarashall@att.net says:

    Sandy, You are the miracle who embraced me along with William decades ago with understanding and the creation of SCFIW, whose story continues to spur me on to keep going! Love, Sue


    • Thanks Sue, however my memory reminds me that YOU were our s-hero. When no one else would listen and take on the job as our leader YOU DID! I am forever grateful to YOU

  3. This is just amazing! Everything you said in this post – it’s like you looked inside my heart and found the perfect words to describe it! Thank you! Have a blessed day, week, month, life! ๐Ÿ™‚