April 18th

I am so incredibly THANKFUL this day. Blessings of untold magnitude are filling my existence. They are too numerous to even count!

I give Thanks today. I am Thankful for the gift of breath that freely flows through my body sustaining me. I give Thanks for the rich awesome blood that circulates within my body temple nourishing it with everything it requires for a healthy life. I Am Abundantly Thankful!

I Am blessed by the singing of the birds. They fulfill their purpose in life by joyously doing what they were created to do, TO SING! They are free in flight and glide through the air with ease. They hum, they sing, they produce a wonderful melody. Truly I can declare abundant blessings.

I Am blessed by the flowering of the plants. The colors are radiant and magnificent. They fill the landscape with their Beauty. I pay attention to the beauty this day. I actually stop and smell the flowers. I bathe myself in the essence of the flowers.

I Am blessed today to be able to share this life with others. I go about my day creating happiness and merriment for myself and others. I simply love everyone, knowing each brings their uniqueness as I allow them. I surround myself in diversity and reap the benefits of drinking from the elixir of mankind. Oh how awesome to behold the wonder in all of humanity. To learn and share with each of God’s creations.

Today I give Thanks simply because I can. I give Thanks because I Am Grateful for my life. I give Thanks to The Source, The Creator, The Most High.

I Am Thankful for the Awesome Abundant Blessings overflowing in my life! What a Joy, what a JOY! WHAT A JOY!!!


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