The Rose Garden… remembering our beauty in tough times…

The Rose Garden… remembering our beauty in tough times…
Publication Year: 2007

The Rose Garden, remembering our beauty in tough times, serves as spiritual nourishment for sprouting rosebuds (women) that will help them develop strong, positive roots in the gardens in which they find themselves.

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“Sandy Rodgers has reached deep within her soul to discover the secret of the ages, healing the feminine energy. She brings a new thought to the challenge we endure as women of low esteem. Her personal testimonies and affirmations will heal the hearts of her readers. She has joined the ranks with Terrie Williams, Iyanla Vanzant and Terry Cole-Whittaker and many others on the path.”

Rev. Dr. Barbara King, Founder/Minister Hillside International Truth Center, Atlanta

“In this small volume, Sandy Rodgers provides a wonderful ‘gardener’s manual’ for Sisters to cultivate themselves as the true roses of womanhood that they are. She draws from her vast and rich personal experiences of overcoming the weeds and resistances to her own growth. Sandy then brings from that reservoir a rich and meaningful set of ideas and practical tools to help any woman recognize that no matter where she has been, she is still a rose and with a little attention to her self, she can bloom beautifully again. This manual will help any woman to ‘weed’ her garden and cultivate the beautiful roses of their being.”

Dr. Na’im Akbar, Ph.D.,Professor of Psychology, Florida State University

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