PHOT0288.JPGTransformation Expert

Recently dubbed ‘Rev. Rodgers Rescue Ranger’ by a client.

Sandy’s work is described as ‘Sensitive, Connected to the heart’ and Real.

Garden of Tranquil Waters Counseling Services

Specializing in:

  • Community Strengthening: Dispelling the secrecy, guilt and shame that kills us quietly.
  • Self-Empowerment: Women issues of low self-esteem and unworthiness.
  • Personal Restoration: Feelings of inadequacy after relationships and marriage ends.
  • Spirituality: Universal Laws of Inclusion of all.
  • HIV/AIDS: Finding the inner courage to live a positive life after the diagnosis.
  • LGBT: Complete acceptance and self- respect.
  • Health and Wholeness: What Grandma told you does work! Old Skool Wisdom from a new perspective
  • Starting Over: surviving foreclosure and other losses
  • Caregivers: Elder care, Special needs persons, etc.

“Thank you so much for helping me! I truly appreciate your kindness and wisdom. You’ve shined your light on me.”

Much love and appreciation, Yaminah

“Pastor Sandy, thank you so much for the kind words of comfort and your prayers, I will have them with me each and everyday, to help me stay strong and to move on to higher heights,”

I Love You Patrick Ford

“She listens with very personal affection. Sandy uses the truth teachings of her ancestors, spiritual leaders, pastors, wise educators and divinely appointed individuals that resonates her entire being as she moves with the spirit of love to draw out the truth that lies within everyone she meets.”

Arnold Jerome Scott

“During the time I have known Sandy, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the field of social and emotional learning. I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills and have been pleased to work with her on many occasions.”

Rev. James Suber, LCSW, Program Director, Common Ground/Faithful Care

Consultations are:

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Confidential

Video-Conferencing Available

To Schedule Consultation…

  1. Send an email requesting an introductory session,
  2. Sign up for free Skype service, All sessions will be conducted using the free service of Skype.
  3. Add Sandy-Rodgers to your contacts.

(Note: The session can be with/without video camera, your choice)

Business Clients:

  • Craig’s Barber Shop – Los Angeles *Glasgow Armstead Behavioral Group – California
  • Darryl Hood – Newscaster, major television
  • Ideal Vending – Georgia, North Carolina
  • Next Level Management and Consulting Services – National
  • Life After Breath – Marietta, Georgia
  • PDA – National
  • PDA Cares – National
  • BUILDUS – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Deziners Ink- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mr. James Transportation – Georgia
  • Rip N Run Transportation – Georgia
  • Shoot The Hoop Inc. – Georgia
  • Visions of Rainey – Georgia
  • The National Parent Education Center – National
  • Angels In Distress – National

Due to Overwhelming response for counseling and consultations, I have decided to provide these services to the public.

After receiving numerous requests for personal sessions…it is now being offered to you.

  • Are you interested in Post-martial/divorce counseling? when ’til death do us part’ is not about a physical death.
  • Healing or detoxifying unresolved emotional traumas?
  • Help with developing a business idea or concept?
  • Want to just stop hurting?
  • Desire to live life in joy?
  • Need to talk? and there’s no one to turn to?
  • Finding Balance and Serenity
  • Know – YOU ARE WORTHY!

I invite you to a free 15 minute introductory video-conference session.

Learn to live a tranquil transformation.

Sandy Rodgers Ministries, where tranquility lives.