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January 2nd

I have said and used this phrase for a long time. Today, however, it has a new meaning for me. I know and accept the goodness of God, our Creator. Yet today I fully understand what is meant by the promise to have life and have it more abundantly.

We have settled for mere existence because everything around us has told us that is enough and to be satisfied with survival. Today, I know God wants more and more for us. The Creator does not desire for us to be poor either in finances or thoughts. The Creator’s desire is for us to be absolutely rich in every area of our lives!

What do you have to share with humanity? What can you do today to uplift and inspire someone? Share a smile, offer positive words of encouragement. Make that phone call to say, “I LOVE YOU”.

Dream Big this year! Dare to go for exactly what your heart truly desires. There is no room for fear when you go forward in absolute FAITH. For fear cannot exist when your thoughts are filled with Faith, a belief in the Creator, the manufacturer of ALL GOOD. As for me, I am feeling like a small child, full of excitement and expectancy. I know God is Blessing me more and more each day. Each day I willingly declare I am worthy and deserving of the vastness of this Life.

I remember a song that was sung in church, It’s Well with My Soul. How is your Spirit today? Set your goals higher than you have ever done before. Know that Blessings are flooding you each time you trust the process of creative Knowledge, God. Trust that you truly ARE a child of the Most High, The Creator of all things, The Merciful Benefactor. God desires to Bless you! YOU must desire the Blessing. We are created with ‘free will’ for ourselves. That means you must sincerely desire to be Blessed before it can happen. Nothing can be bestowed upon you that is not in alignment with your desires.

Today, declare IT’S ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Do it with Vigor, Excitement, Expectancy and JOY!

Watch as Miracles unfold for you as you hold to that vision.


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