Daily IN-spiration * * January 6th



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January 6th


Oftentimes the only obstacle blocking us from receiving of the vast abundance God has for us is accepting our ‘value and worth.’


Many have been led to deny their story, by hearing ‘keep your business to yourself’, or similar phrases. Or perhaps you discounted your feelings because you heard, ‘things aren’t that bad.’


We hear powerful and amazing sermons, attend top-rated seminars and yet somehow we feel things just are not changing in our life.


It’s time to tell your story, to validate your worthiness and open yourself to receive ALL that God has – just for YOU!  Once we own our feelings, whatever they are now or have been in the past, we receive grace.  When we know we are whole, complete and healthy children of God, we can tell our story proudly.  We know that God has brought us through to this moment to serve as a blessing to ourselves and others.  Our trials, tribulations and subsequent victories prepared us for who we are today.  The past is gone, Thanks God.


Accepting our true nature of ‘goodness’, we can fully receive and apply the prosperity lessons we are learning. We say ‘Yes’ to God and ourselves.  Go ahead and give yourself liberty to tell your story.  You can write it out.  You can share within a safe environment, a loving support group or with a trusted friend. You may even find while sharing that your story is the same as another. We are each a part of the ‘One Family of God.’


Watch miracles unfold as you lovingly embrace your awesome, wonderful self.