A.S.K. © Sandy Rodgers Ministries March 2nd A.S.K. – Awakening Spiritual Knowledge! There resides within each of us a divine knowledge of everything we need to know to live an abundant and prosperous life. We have overlooked it because we have been trained not to recognize our connection to The Source, God. The truth is we can summons this knowledge and power whenever we choose. It is awaiting our attention. All that is, is within us. The Creator gifted us with this Spiritual Knowledge. … [Read more...]


March – A Month of Manifesting © Sandy Rodgers Ministries March 1st Let this month, the third of the year be about manifesting your dreams and desires. Put aside all excuses and thoughts of limitations. Gather about you people who support you in your quest for manifesting exactly that which you desire. What is it that you have been procrastinating to finally accomplish? What goals are just lying idly in the back of your mind? What reasons have you used to not get this idea … [Read more...]


ATTITUDE AND LANGUAGE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries February 28th How is your attitude today? Is it Thankful and Appreciative? Is it Joyous and Happy? Is it Excited and Enthusiastic? Is your language positive and uplifting? Does your language support creative life and living? Does your language support empowerment and expansion? What do I gain by holding on to: Hurt Pain Rejection Hate Bitterness Betrayal???? I choose God’s Unconditional Love! I surrender everything to God’s Grace … [Read more...]


BEAR FRUIT WITH PATIENCE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries February 27th Once upon a time I enjoyed planting and harvesting my garden in California. It always amazed me how a little seed planted in the ground and nurtured would grow into maturity. When the weeds were kept away and it received proper care, the results were always the same; a delicious vegetable or fruit. When we desire newness in any area of our life, we must do the same steps as in harvesting a garden. First we must select what … [Read more...]


I GIVE MY BEST © Sandy Rodgers Ministries February 26th Today I give my Best! I give my best to myself first. I truly appreciate who I am. I honor myself with uncontrollable gratitude. I see only good in myself. I give my best as a direct reflection of my consciousness. I am my Best and therefore I share my Best. What is your best? Be willing to share it today with all others and yourself. My best is always demonstrated by a genuine, welcoming smile. My best is unconditional Love shown … [Read more...]

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