Lion and cub

April 27th

Faith is believing in the Power and Presence of God to be active and working on your behalf. Faith is knowing that God can and God will. Faith requires no physical evidence. Faith trusts the process of life and creation. Faith knows it is all possible when we believe.

I have Faith in the Omnipotent, Omnipresence of The Creator. My Faith propels me forward to achievements beyond my wildest imagination. Faith delivers me to new frontiers and allows me to serve as a living example of God’s promises being manifested. Faith opens doors of opportunity. Faith brings on my path all that is desired by me. Faith is a beautiful blessing. Faith soothes my soul and feeds my mind.

Hope offers an avenue to take when waiting for our goodness to reach us. We keep hope alive by remembering very deliberately that God is all there is. Hope is unselfish and all inclusive. Hope desires the best for everyone and everything. Hope is pure and clean.

Our choice today will include situations where we can exercise our Faith and Hope. Each task we take is a journey in Faith and Hope. We do not know nor can we see what is around the bend in the road. We can choose to reach our destination trusting in The Infinite Intelligence to guide and lead us.

We can hold a vision of Hope for World Peace and Unity. We can choose to offer Hope in our interactions with others. We can aide others in seeing a larger picture of possibilities.

I choose Faith and Hope as life partners on this journey of Life. I choose to believe and accept the Awesome Power of God working through every detail of my life. I have Faith and Hope for a better World. I hold Faith and Hope dear in my heart of hearts.

I give thanks to The Creator.


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