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May 11th

Have you recently gotten a hunch about something and thought to yourself what should I do about that? Was the hunch so extraordinary that it seems almost impossible to achieve? Are you asking yourself where did the hunch come from?

Hunches can be gentle reminders from God that you are still alive with unmet dreams. A friend of mine recently shared that as he watched ‘The Secret’ he closed his eyes and began immediately to remember dreams that he had forgotten about. He said he knew most people who watch the movie are impressed by what the various speakers have to say but for him it was an invitation to revisit the dreams he once had. He said it helped him to dream again.

I have watched a sitcom thinking it was just a distraction and have received some amazing antidote about things that were unfolding for me in my life. It always tickles me because I find hints and hunches in the least likely of places and situations. A silly statement made by one of the characters will remind me of something I have left undone. So I listen all the time for clues; remember to follow that hunch.

I choose to follow my hunches. They may not always lead me to a final destination but surely they lead me to a place of higher understanding. I can grasp the unspoken implications and it will trigger something within me.

That hunch of yours may be the next multi- trillion dollar invention. It could be the idea of your next or first business venture. It is not that uncommon to receive inspiration from your hunches. Sometimes, God communicates to us in a variety of ways to get our attention in areas where we can be richly blessed and abundantly prospered. So go ahead and look a little deeper into that hunch. Build upon the idea given to you and see what you can build from it. Perhaps it is the very idea to create an improved methodology to end a crisis. What have you got to lose? Nothing is the answer because if it does not lead you to a particular destination, you will have gained knowledge along the way of how to do something different. You will have expanded your field of expertise and knowledge base.