April 6th

Recently I escorted a dear friend of my mine to the hospital to undergo a medical procedure prior to being admitted into the hospital for chemotherapy for a very aggressive form of cancer. Although my friend had maintained a very good spirit about the whole situation, I thought about what I might want from a friend in a time like this. All I knew was to be myself because that was the person that was invited along to help with this challenge. We have spent some wonderful hours and days together. I learned a great deal from the medical staff but more importantly from my friend.

My friend never gave any thought to a negative outcome. She did not want to discuss her condition with nay-sayers or doomers. You know the folks I am referring to, regardless to what you tell them you are experiencing they will have you in a worst situation just by their choice of beliefs and words. So nothing bothered her. Her wisdom was displayed as she waited until the very last to tell others about her health challenge. She tells me she is healed and I hold that vision with her. I have no other choice, this is my friend. And so it is by her own belief and trust in God.

On each medical visit, I was invited into the room by my friend. I was honored that she trusted me with all the intricate details of what she was facing. So when we went for this last procedure, a Pet scan we were both very comfortable about the whole affair. She was required to drink some awful tasting stuff prior to the scan. So there she was leaning back in this chair as we talked and she waited for the scan. The Nurse came in to check on her and she told the nurse the mixture was nasty but she was drinking it. The Nurse responded, “Good because I will be back in 30 minutes to give you the rest of it.” Boy I could not hold it, I burst out in laughter! The look on her face was price-less. We both laughed hysterically for a long time. The Nurse said everyone needs a friend like that, one who could add Joy to an otherwise dismal experience.

Friendship is Price-less and Friends a true gift from God. Do your friends know they can count on you for whatever they stand in need of? Perhaps they are having a bad day and just need to yell and scream, maybe even curse, rant and rave. Love them through the experience. That’s what they need from you. Unconditional acceptance is a gift you can freely share with them. Just listening is sometimes enough. You are the Friend. Trust the friendship to reveal to you exactly what is needed to help in the healing process.