Mama Rosa 001

March 26th

I am always enthused when I can sit at the feet of my elders and have them to share with me. Currently I enjoy the wisdom of several elders, ranging in age from 100 to 80, both men and women, some are adopted family members. I remember even as a child my preference would be to sit and listen to them. I have absorbed much of what they have shared with me, especially those that have passed on. I remember them with a special fondness and love. They were always so willing to share. Their stories always embodied such wisdom. I learned history from a completely different prospective than what was taught in school.

Today I honor my elders with dignity, respect, honor and love. They have paved the way for me to continue the quest for humanity’s freedom. I think about each frequently and reflect back on a life that is usually never told.

I remember the nick names given to me by some who could not pronounce my given name. Or the one who always called me overcoat because I was always cold even in the summer months. I remember when memory loss was a concern of my husband’s grandmother yet she always knew who I was when I visited with her. And there are the many Uncles with whom I cherished and had a very personal relationship with. One I called Grass because he was always cutting someone’s lawn. Or my Aunt who was so impressed that she had learned to sew and wanted to show me. And the Aunt that loved me as her own daughter. The list is long and the memories are strong. It would take a whole volume to describe each relationship in detail.

Do you have elders in your life that have added benefit to your existence? Tell them now how much you appreciate them taking the time to share with you. Tell them just how much you really love them, even if you have not seen or spoken with them in a long time they will appreciate you for thinking about them.

Today let us Honor Our Elders.