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November 10th

 Thanks God for my life. My Life is Awesome. I Am Awesome!

 To recognize the true essence of The Creator, we must accept that same true essence dwells within us. We must look within ourselves and honor that place of connection to God. We are the earthly expressions of The Most High. The Creator is seen through us. We are each others’ Angels. We are God in human form!

To recognize and celebrate this divinity is the way to fully appreciate and give Thanks to the One Source. In each human dwells the same Goodness of God. I recognize and give thanks for the life form that appears on my path each day. I choose to see The Divinity in every person I meet and associate with. I celebrate them wholly.

I Am Awesome is a reflection of my Truth. I Am Awesome is a statement of Whose I Am. I know I Am Awesome.

I give Thanks today. I shout Thanks to the Universe. I shout Thanks to My God. I tremble with knowing that God is protecting and providing for me each and every day. I Am an Awesome creation of The Master Giver.

Yes today I choose to display myself with respect and dignity. I live in integrity and humbleness. My life is indeed a Blessing and for this I give Thanks.

I give Thanks and sing songs of Thanksgiving. I am happy and filled with Joy. I allow the world to see my magnificence. I am Love. I am Peace. I am Harmony. I am Justice. I am all that God has created and intended for me to be.

I know – I AM AWESOME!