April 22nd

Thanks God for my life. Thanks Allah for Grace and Mercy. Thanks Jehovah for breath. Thanks Lord for Blessings. Thanks Most High for the warm blood that circulates through my veins. Thanks Creator. Thanks Source. Thanks Infinite Intelligence.

Thanks to the Ancestors for paving the way. Thanks for overcoming and enduring the hardships and obstacles that were present. Thanks for believing in a better life that you chose to leave me. Thanks for your presence and your life. Thanks for never giving up or giving out.

The first step in manifesting abundance is an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for all that is present in your life right now. There is a gift and a blessing in everything. As you think upon the things that you can be grateful for, the list will expand even larger. It becomes so great that we are immersed in complete Faith that we are truly Blessed beyond measure. We are Thankful today!

Abundance is everywhere, all that is needed is the recognition of it in all of its forms. There is enough air for us to breathe to sustain our life. We do not need to manufacture more. Our life is free gift given to us by The Source.

We manifest abundance by first acknowledging it exists. Abundance is ours for the asking and proper preparation. Abundance is ours when we allow ourselves to receive it fully. Abundance is the promised inheritance of God. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief! Faith knows without first seeing it in physical evidence. I have Faith in Absolute Abundance!

Abundance is Life. Abundance is Joy. Abundance is Compassion. Abundance is Harmony. Abundance is Love! I accept and appreciate my Abundant Blessings. The fullness of the Earth is mine and I rightfully claim it now! I MANIFEST ABUNDANCE.

Thanks God for sustaining me. Thanks Allah for maintaining me. Thanks Creator for Your Awesomeness. Thanks Most High for loving me.