May 6th

Do you remember the childhood game of Mother May I? It is where a group of children gets together and form a circle. One person is chosen to be the leader. The leader gives instructions to the group and if anyone moves before asking Mother May I, they lose and go back to the beginning mark. It is a game children played, asking permission from the person who they identified as being the leader.

As an adult the leader’s name has changed to God. So I ask and wait for an answer. I do not force an answer. I wait or I may possibly be told to go back to the beginning point of the game. Neither do I move without asking first. In my asking I am acknowledging the Head of my life. I am saying, I think I heard the direction, the guidance, the instructions yet I desire to be clear about my next move. God May I?

In prayer and meditation I ask The Source for confirmation. I seek and I wait. I realize that sometimes I can become impatient and want to move ahead before receiving an answer. Not being obedient is no longer an option. I desire for my next step to be governed by My Leader. I ask to seek clarity. I wait trusting that all is working out just as it should, according to The Masters Plan for my life.

God’s answers are always very specific. Yes you may is the answer I wait to hear before proceeding to the next step. When the answer, as I perceive it, is delayed I sit and be still. This can sometimes be a very nervous time for me because I want to move now and not later. Do I dare risk the cost of starting from the beginning yet again? I think not! In due time and season I move.

God is blessing me right now! I joyously receive my Spiritual answers.