May 27th The small stuff is the situations that appear in your life as opportunities for you to grow and expand. Small stuff can be challenges often seen as difficulties. Small stuff is everything that cannot and will not add value to your life. The small stuff is anything that you cannot control. The small stuff is just that small stuff. The small stuff can be irritating and bothersome. The small stuff is annoying and unimportant. I choose to use my energy and time wisely by focusing on the … [Read more...]

Our True Nature

TRUTH IN LABELING © Sandy Rodgers Ministries February 12th Who are you? Recently the news reported that dog hair is being used on coats that are represented on the label as something else, fur. It is in all the stores even some of the major, more expensive stores. Some designers are pulling their merchandise off the racks. The contents on the label are incorrect. During a session with Common Ground, an HIV/AIDS program in Atlanta we discussed how labeling can affect and effect an individual. … [Read more...]