Daily IN-spiration – – December 3rd

STRETCH © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 3rd   The voice whispers to me, “GO BEYOND YOUR SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS. There is great work to be done. You are only partially there. Yes go beyond your comfort level. STRETCH.”   This is a tall demand from the Universe. We stay in our comfort zones for exactly that reason, it is our comfort zone. Then comes a nudge, a gentle reminder that more is required of you. And what do you do? Well we can either stretch and see great rewards … [Read more...]

October 18th – Daily IN-spiration

  MOVE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   October 18th   Be Thankful for where you are today and MOVE!   Move into the greater design God has for you. Move with the gentle grace of God. Yes God is working in and through your life. God desires more for you this day. Move as you are being directed by The Infinite Intelligence. Go to that new place. Go to a higher consciousness. Go and remain in Love. Go to Forgiveness and Compassion.   Move today with prayers of … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – August 24th

BACK TO THE BASICS ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries     August 24th   To achieve your Big Breakthrough, you may need to go back to the basics. We must be fully prepared by constantly re-examining the thoughts and motives of what we are doing.   You are standing at the threshold of the Big Breakthrough to your Greatness. What actions got you here in the first place? Was it your determination to succeed? Or was it your tenacity to overcome the obstacles that appeared on your path? What are … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 24th

THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 24th   The University Of Life, is offering a new field of study, Love You. As with any major you will consider, here are answers to some questions you may have. What are the course requirements? What are the prerequisites? What is the class description? Who are the instructors? What are the class days and hours? How long does it take to complete the field of study?   In this Major, you will explore and uncover all the … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 22nd

          YOUR NAME © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 22nd   God has blessed your name with greatness. Will you accept your gifts from The Creator?   You are created for Greatness! I am relaying a message to you from on high. Your life has value and meaning. You are gifted in many ways and talented beyond measure. God said “You are a child of Abundance and Prosperity, of Knowledge and Wisdom, of Faith and Clarity, of Great Understanding and Unlimited Love!”   When you … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 21st

BREAKTHROUGH TO YOUR PASSION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 21st   Get ready. Are you ready for the breakthrough to your passion? You must get excited about your passion. You can breathe life into your dreams and visions with your passion of it.   Today I awake feeling like a creator because I am. Today I set my action into motion with my pure sheer passion to accomplish that which has been driving me all this time. I know what my passion is and I go forth with it like a … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 20th

TIME TO RELEASE ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 20th   It is time to move that old stale energy out and away for good! It is time to release anything and everything that does not bring you Joy of heart and Peace of mind. Just move it out.   It is time to embrace goodness, justice, faith, wholeness and unconditional LOVE! We have no time to waste, it must be done now! Procrastination robs us of vital energy, so let us not put off until tomorrow that which we know we are to rid … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 16th

THE LIGHT ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries   July 16th   It is always darkest before the light is a phrase I have heard many times before. In the darkness is where new life is formed and created. Do not be fooled by the darkness and think it will always be dark. The Light is just on the other side, it is the opposite of the darkness.   Some people give up while in the darkest of times. Perhaps they give up just before the dream is realized. Perhaps the dream is at its last stage of … [Read more...]