February 28th How is your attitude today? Is it Thankful and Appreciative? Is it Joyous and Happy? Is it Excited and Enthusiastic? Is your language positive and uplifting? Does your language support creative life and living? Does your language support empowerment and expansion? What do I gain by holding on to: Hurt Pain Rejection Hate Bitterness Betrayal???? I choose God’s Unconditional Love! I surrender everything to God’s Grace and Mercy! The Triumphant Spirit in me, Heals … [Read more...]


February 26th Today I give my Best! I give my best to myself first. I truly appreciate who I am. I honor myself with uncontrollable gratitude. I see only good in myself. I give my best as a direct reflection of my consciousness. I am my Best and therefore I share my Best. What is your best? Be willing to share it today with all others and yourself. My best is always demonstrated by a genuine, welcoming smile. My best is unconditional Love shown to myself and others. My best is saying “Good … [Read more...]


February 24th Today, think on and repeat these seven words as often as you possibly can. LIFE LIGHT LOVE WISDOM JOY PEACE TRUTH You will begin to notice a shift occurring. You will feel lighter. Please define these words for yourself. I am providing my definitions to help you get started. Life – a free gift from God Light – illumination Love – unconditional Wisdom –applied knowledge Joy – heart felt happiness Peace – calmness Truth – God is…… Surrender all concerns today and think on these … [Read more...]


February 12th Have Faith in all situations. Trust The Creator. The Infinite Most High is always in charge. The Creator of all things has a plan and purpose for your life. That very thought is incredible. When we think things are not working as planned is probably the time when things are working out just as they should. Trust the process. Some things are being moved out. They are being replaced for a reason. Something better awaits you. You are being Blessed. God has All Power. I allow God … [Read more...]


January 29th Okay your vision has not manifested as of yet. Can you hold on just a little longer? Or are you going to give up right before the harvest? It is only a millisecond away! This is Harvest Time. This year is of New Beginnings and Great Possibilities. This year of 7 is of Completion and Manifestations. We must hold on. We must not give up. It’s our time to reap! Yes, that’s right it is our time to harvest. We have sowed with patience. We have sowed with unconditional love. We have … [Read more...]


January 24th I have often heard that death teaches us the most about living. For it tells us that this phenomenal precious commodity is only temporary. How do you live your life? I choose to be of service to all of humanity, not just those who agree with or look like me in some way. I choose to accept and respect the differences between others and myself. I trust the Infinite One to have placed each person who enters my path there for a reason, a season and a lifetime. I handle each as if … [Read more...]


January 15th In the silence are Love; Peace; Harmony; Justice; Equality and Joy. In the silence is true communion with God, The Creator. In the silence there reside the answers to all of your concerns. The silence holds the key that unlocks the doors to the mystery of life. You can unchain the door to your soul, to the destination in front of you. What is your question? The silence can and will provide you with the answer. The silence is pure and magical. You are restored and comforted in the … [Read more...]


personal fight, January 14th Victorious = winning, triumphant, champion, prizewinning, successful, conquering. Warrior = soldier, fighter, trooper, combatant, competitor. These terms or words which provide the definition of the title of this piece conjure up a special type of person. It does not define the gender or age. It is specific in overcoming, of being fruitful and positive. The title illustrates a person who does not stop, who continues until the battle is won. As with your life … [Read more...]


January 3rd 2014 is already a phenomenal year!! To define what it means metaphysically, add the digits of the year and it equals the number 7 (seven). Seven (7) is the number which represents completion. To me completion means IT IS ALREADY DONE!! This year we must approach the ‘new adventures’ on our path unlike any way we have chosen to in our past. The way we did things previously is no longer adequate. We are being gifted with new wisdom to achieve our dreams. Dare to be alive with … [Read more...]


JANUARY 1st © Sandy Rodgers Ministries Make going within to that place of communion with the Creator a part of your every day. Be Still and Know. Your Peace is there in the stillness. Unconditional Love is there in the stillness. Harmony and Forgiveness lives in the stillness. God, The Merciful One, Holy Spirit, Allah, DAO, Ascended Masters and Ancestors, Angels and Guides, The Creator is there in the stillness, waiting for you to come and visit. Be ever present in this moment. Today, this … [Read more...]