#THE HEART, #Innermost nature, #heartfelt, #sing praises, # gratitude, #self-love, #complete love for self, #give thanks May 23rd By definition, the heart is the central, vital or main part; core; the center. Consider this definition: at heart – in one’s innermost nature, or heartfelt – sincere, genuine. What are you allowing to reside in your core? What emotions are controlling your vital part? What state is your innermost nature in? Today I consciously choose to flex the muscles of my … [Read more...]


April 27th Faith is believing in the Power and Presence of God to be active and working on your behalf. Faith is knowing that God can and God will. Faith requires no physical evidence. Faith trusts the process of life and creation. Faith knows it is all possible when we believe. I have Faith in the Omnipotent, Omnipresence of The Creator. My Faith propels me forward to achievements beyond my wildest imagination. Faith delivers me to new frontiers and allows me to serve as a living example of … [Read more...]


February 5th How majestic and magnificent The Creator is! Stop and enjoy a long stare into nature. Saturate your consciousness with pure Thanksgiving. The Divine Design of Mother Nature is spectacular. So complete. So thorough. So Heavenly! As you observe the wondrous movement of existence you will be deeply moved by the AWESOMENESS! Can you see the trees breathing? They are growing a little each day. They smile through their leaves. They stretch out their arms to provide shade and comfort. … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 26th  G     Glorify I       Indwelling V     Victorious E     Energy T      To Tell H     Honest A     Affirming N     Noteworthy K     Kind S      Spoken Words   … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  October 5th  There is no right or wrong way, there is only the Divine Way!  What if, everything you did was done perfectly, exactly the way it was designed to be?  What if, you congratulated yourself for having done it perfectly and correctly?  What if, you had no sorrows or fears?  You can live without regrets and worries. You can live your life knowing that you are doing your best at each opportunity. You can when you say you can!  The Way of God is the only way. … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries July 26th    Simply Give Thanks today! Give Thanks for your life! Give Thanks for a new day.  Give Thanks for exactly where you are. Give Thanks for the air you breathe. Give Thanks for the blood that circulates in your body and sustains your physical temple. Give Thanks for everything.  Give Thanks for your food, shelter and the clothes on your body. Give Thanks for family and friends.  Give Thanks for the sunshine and the rain; for the stars and the moon.  Give Thanks … [Read more...]


  © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   We are each a King or Queen. I honor your presence. I treasure your gift!  I hold myself in the position of high honor. I am my best daily. I show up as God would determine my steps. In my showing up in various situations I bring forth my awesome light to brighten the path of this journey of life. I remember I am here for a reason. I show unconditional love to all around me. I demonstrate true acceptance by remaining in an attitude of royalty.  It is my … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries April 30th You are witnessing marvelous miracles manifesting in your life today. We give thanks for the abundant blessings flooding you this day! You have allowed yourself to act upon those things revealed to you through your intuition and have reaped bountiful blessings in the process. You have meditated and prayed, you have listened very carefully to that still small voice within you. All your answers have been revealed to you to create the life you desire. Give … [Read more...]


EXCITEMENT © Sandy Rodgers Ministries March 25th I am excited today! I am alive, well and loving life! Watch out, if you do not wish to be hit by this contagious emotion then get out of the way. I am about to explode with this incredible feeling. Why am I excited? Simply because I choose to be.  Because I am here among the living. I am happy and joyous. I am Excited. Every thing big and small is more glorious to me this day! I am so excited and ready to tell the world about it! There is not a … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration ^ ^ ^ January 31st

WHY NOW? © Sandy Rodgers Ministries January 31st The first month of the year is about to come to an end. What magnificent accomplishments have you realized? Are you experiencing more Peace and Joy? Is your life more abundant in finances? Has your health improved? Are your relationships overflowing with Unconditional Love? It is time to manifest exactly what we desire! Why Now? Why not now? We are ripe for the picking and choosing. Now is the time, that is why now! When you get to the fork in … [Read more...]