Daily IN-spiration July 21st

BREAKTHROUGH TO YOUR PASSION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 21st   Get ready. Are you ready for the breakthrough to your passion? You must get excited about your passion. You can breathe life into your dreams and visions with your passion of it.   Today I awake feeling like a creator because I am. Today I set my action into motion with my pure sheer passion to accomplish that which has been driving me all this time. I know what my passion is and I go forth with it like a … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – May 1st

A MONTH OF MIRACLES © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   May 1st May is a month to accept miracles as a part of our expectations. That which we expect will manifest for us. I accept an abundance of miracles to be manifest in my life! Miracle is defined as an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws; a remarkable thing. The Universal Omnipotent Creative Source is ready to bless you with Miracles! The size of the Miracle depends largely upon you. What you think about and … [Read more...]