January 4th Hear the silence with your heart. Feel the rhythm of life. See your soul soar. Taste the blessings of abundance. Share your spirit with another; No expectations, No conditions. Simply share the Beauty of Two souls connecting. Oh the essences of Silence! Genuine Unfiltered Unconditional. YES WE HONOR THE SILENCE… … [Read more...]


January 2nd I have said and used this phrase for a long time. Today, however, it has a new meaning for me. I know and accept the goodness of God, our Creator. Yet today I fully understand what is meant by the promise to have life and have it more abundantly. We have settled for mere existence because everything around us has told us that is enough and to be satisfied with survival. Today, I know God wants more and more for us. The Creator does not desire for us to be poor either in finances … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 31st  Declare your Blessings today. Know that everything that is present in your life is a gift. I graciously receive my gifts from Heaven. I know that I have prepared myself for this manifestation of all good. I have completed the required course work to move forward. I am a good student and I have learned well. I am ready for graduation. Everything I receive is a gift from Heaven. That simply sounds good and very therapeutic to my soul. My Spirit is alive … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 27th  A.S.K. – Awakening Spiritual Knowledge! There resides within each of us a divine knowledge of everything we need to know to live an abundant and prosperous life. We have overlooked it because we have been trained not to recognize our connection to The Source, God. The truth is we can summons this knowledge and power whenever we choose. It is awaiting our attention. All that is, is within us. The Creator gifted us with this Spiritual Knowledge. It is … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 15th  What do you hear when people tell you who they are? Do you listen to them or do you process it through the personal filter of your expectations? Do you hear their reality or do you hear blah, blah, blah because you need to hear only what you choose to hear? In the end you want to blame the person for not being who you assumed they would be. Most people show up in their authenticity and when we listen to what they have to say we can truly learn who they … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers MinistriesDecember 8th What we focus our attention on is exactly what appears in our life. As Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” My expectation today is positive and expansive. I expect great things to happen in my life. I expect to be in perfect health. I expect very loving relationships. I expect abundance and prosperity. I expect Peace and Joy! I expect more and more of all good things to be increased in my life. You may be saying to yourself … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 3rd  The voice whispers to me, “GO BEYOND YOUR SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS. There is great work to be done. You are only partially there. Yes go beyond your comfort level. STRETCH.” This is a tall demand from the Universe. We stay in our comfort zones for exactly that reason, it is our comfort zone. Then comes a nudge, a gentle reminder that more is required of you. And what do you do? Well we can either stretch and see great rewards or we can stay in that … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 30th  We are each dwelling under the protection of The Most High Creator. We are safe and secure. We have life and we live it more abundantly, than those before us. We are under the protection of Infinite Intelligence that gives us warning signs and messages throughout the day. We are covered by Grace and Mercy from the Supreme Being. I am under the care and protection of The One Source. I reside in absolute Peace and Comfort under this protection. My … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries October 29th  I see you have answered your call to service and I am proud of you. I know there have been some bumps in the road but that did not and could not stop you from pursuing your dream. You knew what you desired and went after it with full attention.  Perhaps you are still waiting for your answer from The Creator, which is a wonderful place to be also. As long as you are taking the necessary time in meditation and prayer, your answer(s) will be revealed to you. … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  October 28th  Everything I touch turns to gold! I heard that affirmation recently and was highly impacted by the vision of it being ever present in my life!  Can you imagine that for yourself? It is quite an awesome statement, to not only say but to believe in it as well. What if everything you touched turned to gold? What would you do differently? What would you touch?  I would graciously touch the hearts of people I love and know. I would touch the broken spirits … [Read more...]