April 24th Humor is healing. Humor heals the soul and the heart. Humor expresses itself as healthy cells in your body. Give it an opportunity today. With every situation you face today, attempt to see humor in it. If you are experiencing an especially trying day emotionally, then this is a very important exercise for you today. Laugh in the face of adversity. Make a joke of how incredibly serious you tend to be about every thing going on in your life. Lose the control tendency today. Do not be … [Read more...]


March 31st Sometimes we need to personalize scripture and other writings so they have more impact for us. I am sharing my version of the 23rd Psalms which is one of my favorites. You can do this for yourself, it does not affect nor distract from the original writings. It simply adds special meaning for you. 23rd Psalms God is my Source! I already have everything I desire (I only need to see it and believe it). My lavish garden is Peace-filled; in my stillness, my strength is enriched and … [Read more...]


March 14th I wanted to take some time to explain what I believe is the meaning behind my writing these Daily IN-spirations. First, I know I have been blessed with a gift to write and make it plain for others to understand. This is important because if the writing is not understood then it serves no purpose other than to glorify my ability to write. I know it is for me to share my gift to the universe and I do that willingly and willfully. I trust that each person that reads these messages are … [Read more...]


January 15th In the silence are Love; Peace; Harmony; Justice; Equality and Joy. In the silence is true communion with God, The Creator. In the silence there reside the answers to all of your concerns. The silence holds the key that unlocks the doors to the mystery of life. You can unchain the door to your soul, to the destination in front of you. What is your question? The silence can and will provide you with the answer. The silence is pure and magical. You are restored and comforted in the … [Read more...]


January 11th O.M.G. = ONLY MY GOD Grants me ‘Life’ Only My God – “Protects” me from all harm “Heals” each wound; physical, emotional and mental “Loves” me Unconditionally Only My God Pours “Peace” on all situations Sifts “Strength” to my soul “Satisfies” my “Spirit” Only My God – fills me to overflowing with = Courage Wisdom Harmony Truth Knowledge LOVE Light Only My God will I thank each new dawn and with the setting sun. O.M.G. = ONLY MY GOD … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 15th  What do you hear when people tell you who they are? Do you listen to them or do you process it through the personal filter of your expectations? Do you hear their reality or do you hear blah, blah, blah because you need to hear only what you choose to hear? In the end you want to blame the person for not being who you assumed they would be. Most people show up in their authenticity and when we listen to what they have to say we can truly learn who they … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries  August 28th  What can you rid yourself of today? Worry, fear, anxiety, frustration?  What will you choose as a replacement? Love, Acceptance, Joy, Laughter?  There are receptacles all around your town with labels for old newspapers, old clothing, old anything. People eagerly gather the things to be tossed and travel to these spots and discard the items they no longer have a use for.  Use this same method in cleaning out the negativity from your consciousness. Throw out … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries June 26th  How often do you ask the question, Why? As small children we are always asking why. We want to learn the reason behind the information. We yearn to know.  As adults we may forget to ask why. We have become fearful of not knowing yet asking why will somehow let others know we do not know the answer. So what if you do not know. As an adult you would sternly tell a child that it is better to ask than risk getting hurt. That applies to all people.  Challenge the … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  June 18th  Be outstanding all the time!  Give all that you have so more may be added to you. To be outstanding is to demonstrate the ultimate of who you are at every opportunity. You grow when you willingly give your best because you set your mark higher for the next time around.  I choose to be outstanding!  I give the best I am and have to the Universe and humanity. I serve with pure humility and gratitude. It is my honor to be of service to others. This is my way … [Read more...]


  © Sandy Rodgers Ministries May 30th  Miracles are all around us. Do you see them? Look closer and they will pop out at you.  Today I behold the miracle in all of life. I look at the animals and I witness the splendid color in each. I pay attention to the uniqueness. No two are alike. This awesome miracle is evident in all of life. No two of anything is exactly alike.  That is a Powerful God that can create each individual living thing unique. The colors of the flowers are so different, … [Read more...]