Daily IN-spiration – August 15th

PAY ATTENTION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     August 15th   For clarification on this terminology, Webster’s Dictionary has been used.   Pay – to give to what is due; to give in return for what is received; to give due compensation; to be profitable; to settle; to give. Notice how many times the word - give - comes up in the various descriptions.   Attention – mental concentration or readiness; notice or observation; care or consideration; an act of courtesy or … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – August 12th

SACRED COMMUNION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     August 12th   Solitude time with The Creator, it may be morning, noon or night. Sacred Communion is time spent listening to your indwelling Higher Consciousness that is always present. Sacred Communion feeds your soul and your spirit with the spiritual nutrients needed to live a satisfying life.   Go inward to that special place and commune with God. In-joy the wonders of hearing the incredible awesomeness of Infinite … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration July 28th

          SOMETHING DIFFERENT © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 28th   Today vow to do something different, go beyond the ordinary and reach the extra-ordinary! Watch as the miraculous unfolds before your very eyes.   Release all routine today; travel a new route; think a new thought; meet someone new. Witness your Blessings. Afterall, when you keep doing the same thing day after day you will undoubtedly reap the same results. Just do something different, it does not need to be … [Read more...]