Daily IN-spiration * * * January 14th

FORGIVENESS © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   January 14th   What a powerful word, what a life changing act, how incredibly liberating: FORGIVENESS.   Sometimes we feel as though it is always others that we must forgive. I have learned a valuable lesson and that is, the first person we must forgive is ourselves. What has put us in a state where forgiveness is required is our judging someone or something. If it were not for us thinking, by judging a situation or person to be wrong, it … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * January 13th

WHAT ARE YOUR GIFTS? © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   January 13th   What have you been blessed with? Do you share your gifts freely with the Universe? Have you taken the time to learn all your gifts, to discover new talents?   I am blessed to write in a plain and simple language that all can understand. I allow God to express through me in my writing. I know this is God’s work. It’s effortlessly done through me. In doing this Cyber-Ministry I write, actually I sit at the computer and … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * January 12th

JOY © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     January 12th   I have enlisted JOY as my constant lifetime companion. I am filled with Peace and Life with my companion. I am never alone. I Love my companion. My companion keeps watch over me, day and night. My companion is fully trained by the ONE SOURCE, GOD.             I have found this new companion to be the best I have ever accepted into my life. My companion, JOY, is always a willing vessel to express Life to me. I see everything differently. … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * January 9th

FREE HUGS © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     January 9th     During the busy holiday shopping days, my friend Joyce and I visited a shopping center to buy some books. The shopping center was crowded with holiday shoppers. We went about our business, not really concerned about anything in particular. As we left the book store there were several folks walking through the center with huge posters saying “Free Hugs”. I did not see them because my attention was in getting out of the crowd. However … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * January 5th

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS TODAY? © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     January 5th   What are your thoughts right now? Are they thoughts of abundance, prosperity, health and wholeness, peace, joy, happiness? If not, why not? It’s your choice.   Are you smiling? Smiling is an activity that can change your disposition. Do it. Smile simply because you can and I am asking you to do it. I know you feel better already. Regardless to what is appearing in your life, you can change how you feel about … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * January 4th

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     January 4th   The other day I sat and decided to write down my Blessings of last year. I began by listing the twelve months and thought I would write one event per month. Next thing I knew, there were two, then three events or situations. Finally I ran out of room. So I listed the twelve months again and began the process all over! There is magic in doing this exercise. Some of the miracles that had unfolded for last year had not come to … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – – December 20th

THE JOY OF THE LORD © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   December 20th     The JOY of the Lord is your Strength!   The more you utilize JOY the more active it becomes in you. As JOY becomes second nature in all of your activities, the more it will desire to demonstrate itself for you. All of your actions and interactions can be motivated by JOY when you make that choice. Use JOY as the tool it is, a soothing and calming presence. JOY is awesome to experience. It is alive when you … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – – December 12th

JOY © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 12th   This is a day of JOY! I love it!!! JOY – JOY – JOY!!!   I have JOY way down deep inside of me. JOY floods my heart, my core. JOY is in the morrow of my bones. JOY is in the cells of my skin! JOY – JOY - JOY!   God has poured this wonderful energy of JOY into me. None other could give me such an incredibly remarkable feeling. Like the song says, ‘The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.’   JOY is from … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – – December 2nd

ANGELS ALL AROUND © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 2nd   It is amazing that we each have ANGELS ALL AROUND US! You must recognize them to understand the powerful gifts that they hold for you.   Do you entertain the thought that God uses everyday folks like you and me to do the Kingdom building work? Do you really listen for their messages to you? Often time people just relay the message without knowing Who the message is from. Have you ever had someone to tell you something … [Read more...]

October 24th – Daily IN-spiration

JOY ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries     October 24th   Allow your sole expression today to be that of JOY!   Joy to YOU; Joy to the world; Joy to all the boys and girls.   Plain and simple JOY! No worries, no regrets, no concerns, no would have, should have or could have. Just JOY!   JOY is contagious. You will notice that everyone around becomes Joy-filled. Some may not even know why they have become so joyous. So go ahead and just be JOY!   Live life … [Read more...]