March 14th I wanted to take some time to explain what I believe is the meaning behind my writing these Daily IN-spirations. First, I know I have been blessed with a gift to write and make it plain for others to understand. This is important because if the writing is not understood then it serves no purpose other than to glorify my ability to write. I know it is for me to share my gift to the universe and I do that willingly and willfully. I trust that each person that reads these messages are … [Read more...]


March 10th We live in a giving environment. All around us is this action of giving fully and completely. We are given life, its substance of oxygen and breath is freely poured into us. Our hearts beat and pump the living element of blood throughout our temples. The very essence of survival is something we cannot purchase with money. It’s all a free gift! The words, “I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly” rings loud in my consciousness. That promise is a free flowing gift. … [Read more...]


February 24th Today, think on and repeat these seven words as often as you possibly can. LIFE LIGHT LOVE WISDOM JOY PEACE TRUTH You will begin to notice a shift occurring. You will feel lighter. Please define these words for yourself. I am providing my definitions to help you get started. Life – a free gift from God Light – illumination Love – unconditional Wisdom –applied knowledge Joy – heart felt happiness Peace – calmness Truth – God is…… Surrender all concerns today and think on these … [Read more...]


January 27th I have enlisted JOY as my constant lifetime companion. I am filled with Peace and Life with my companion. I am never alone. I Love my companion. My companion keeps watch over me, day and night. My companion is fully trained by the ONE SOURCE, GOD. I have found this new companion to be the best I have ever accepted into my life. My companion, JOY, is always a willing vessel to express Life to me. I see everything differently. There is so much beauty all around me. As I began to … [Read more...]


January 24th I have often heard that death teaches us the most about living. For it tells us that this phenomenal precious commodity is only temporary. How do you live your life? I choose to be of service to all of humanity, not just those who agree with or look like me in some way. I choose to accept and respect the differences between others and myself. I trust the Infinite One to have placed each person who enters my path there for a reason, a season and a lifetime. I handle each as if … [Read more...]


January 10th Be careful what words you use to describe others. If you choose to use unkind descriptive words, remember -those awful ugly terms may describe the very person who can save your life! Perhaps you have heard of the parable of entertaining a stranger who may be sent from God. Placing or forcing labels upon yourself or another does not grant you authority over anyone else. This is another form of name-calling. Any initials before or after your name does not give you permission to … [Read more...]


January 5th Listen to me please, As I say absolutely no-thing! Listen as I bare my naked soul. Listen as I shout unspoken words Of my authenticity. Listen as I heal my wounds. Listen as I heal my wounded-ness. PLEASE LISTEN You do not need to fix it 4 me. No words are required from you No action. Honor me by simply affirming me Exactly – here and now – where I am. JUST LISTEN … [Read more...]


January 4th Hear the silence with your heart. Feel the rhythm of life. See your soul soar. Taste the blessings of abundance. Share your spirit with another; No expectations, No conditions. Simply share the Beauty of Two souls connecting. Oh the essences of Silence! Genuine Unfiltered Unconditional. YES WE HONOR THE SILENCE… … [Read more...]


January 3rd 2014 is already a phenomenal year!! To define what it means metaphysically, add the digits of the year and it equals the number 7 (seven). Seven (7) is the number which represents completion. To me completion means IT IS ALREADY DONE!! This year we must approach the ‘new adventures’ on our path unlike any way we have chosen to in our past. The way we did things previously is no longer adequate. We are being gifted with new wisdom to achieve our dreams. Dare to be alive with … [Read more...]


January 2nd I have said and used this phrase for a long time. Today, however, it has a new meaning for me. I know and accept the goodness of God, our Creator. Yet today I fully understand what is meant by the promise to have life and have it more abundantly. We have settled for mere existence because everything around us has told us that is enough and to be satisfied with survival. Today, I know God wants more and more for us. The Creator does not desire for us to be poor either in finances … [Read more...]