© Sandy Rodgers Ministries Merry Christmas.  To stand strong in Spirit is to truly know Spirit. Spirit is available to each one of us. We can connect with the awesome power of The Most High Holy Spirit when we choose to do so. I stand strong in Spirit knowing Whose I am, a child of God. I stand on the firm foundation of Spiritual Truth. This foundation is unshakable. I take time daily to communicate with my inner Spirit. This communication is incredible and sends wondrous energy throughout my … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 23rd I have a friend that once shared with me something his son had told him earlier in life. His son simply said, “Dad there is family and then there’s relatives.” His son was saying in a most innocent manner that not all those in our bloodline are necessarily family. And those that we may not share the same blood with can be closer than those that we do. I have many members in my family. Yes you are right, not all are from the same linage, either on my … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 16th            I thank God for you! You bless me each and every time I allow you. You remain honest and generous with me. You ooze unconditional Love from every pore of your being. I thank you because you have chosen to take this journey with me. We may not always know the direction, yet willingly you accompany me on this path of life. Thank you for showing up today! You could have chosen to detour by taking another route. I thank you for your dedication in … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 12th  This is a day of JOY! I love it!!! JOY – JOY – JOY!!! I have JOY way down deep inside of me. JOY floods my heart, my core. JOY is in the morrow of my bones. JOY is in the cells of my skin! JOY – JOY - JOY! God has poured this wonderful energy of JOY into me. None other could give me such an incredibly remarkable feeling. Like the song says, ‘The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.’ JOY is from The Creator! We receive JOY as a gift! … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 27th  Our children, be they grown adult children or newborn babies are precious gifts. God has given the parents the task of caring for these precious commodities. They are our precious cargo. It is also the duty of the Village to care for our babies. In times passed the elders of the community willingly and willfully aided in the care of the children. But something changed and you can find these days elders who are not prepared to help with the youth or … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 14th  I am radiantly blessed and prospered this day. I glow with the Blessings of God. I remember my story of growing up. I may have called some of the things that happened along the way as unjust or undeserving. Yet today I call it all a Blessing. I choose to honor all of everything that is a part of my story. My story is rich and vibrant with wonderful people and happenings. My story is worthy of repeating and telling others. I am pleased with my story … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 12th  I am safe in God’s Love. I feel safe in God’s Love for me. In God’s Love there is Peace. In God’s Love there is Harmony. In God’s Love is where I choose to reside. I can go to God’s Love at anytime. God’s Love is always present. God’s Love is all that it is. In God’s Love I am connected to all of life. In God’s Love…. I feel secure, warm and safe in this place of God’s Love. I Am forever In God’s Love. Nothing can separate me. Thanks God for … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 10th  Thanks God for my life. My Life is Awesome. I Am Awesome!  To recognize the true essence of The Creator, we must accept that same true essence dwells within us. We must look within ourselves and honor that place of connection to God. We are the earthly expressions of The Most High. The Creator is seen through us. We are each others’ Angels. We are God in human form! To recognize and celebrate this divinity is the way to fully appreciate and give Thanks … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  October 31st  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Today celebrate all of Humanity as we end this month of Oneness and Unity. Embrace the uniqueness of each person in your life. No two are alike and that is marvelous.  Celebrate the variety of life. Celebrate God today. Celebrate the Unity of Diversity. Celebrate knowing that you are creating a world of Excellence for all people. Celebrate with thoughts of Peace and Harmony. Celebrate … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries October 24th  Allow your sole expression today to be that of JOY!  Joy to YOU; Joy to the world; Joy to all the boys and girls.  Plain and simple JOY! No worries, no regrets, no concerns, no would have, should have or could have. Just JOY!  JOY is contagious. You will notice that everyone around becomes Joy-filled. Some may not even know why they have become so joyous. So go ahead and just be JOY!  Live life as a child with no regard to the grown up responsibilities of … [Read more...]