October 21st – Daily IN-spiration

YOUR NATURE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   October 21st   Our very nature is life looking for life. This is the Oneness, the Unity of God.   God has created you! What an honor! What a privilege! A Miracle of Supreme Intelligence! You are very special.   Your nature is that of a victorious individual. Your life does have meaning and purpose. You are the descendent of a people that survived and passed their DNA on to you. Regardless to your particular family of origin, … [Read more...]

October 19th – Daily IN-spiration

COLLECTIVE HUMANITY © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   October 19th   There is only One God, Creator of all things and life.   I Am free in God. God’s words are written in my heart!   There is but One God, One Source, One Energy that has gifted all of humanity with the amazing free gift of life. No one is different in this existence, no one less than or better than. WE are each the same! We are each created in the image and after the likeness of God! Now how awesome is … [Read more...]

October 17th – Daily IN-spiration

GET UP, GET OUT AND LIVE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   October 17th   Get up with purpose today. Decide your goals for today and succeed in accomplishing each one of them. Make your decisions today that are firmly based in prayer. Begin with a prayer of Thanksgiving for being alive this day. Think on those things that you desire and go to God, asking for guidance and support. When you are clear, proceed with confidence.   Get out into the world today with great enthusiasm. … [Read more...]


Don’t Judge A Book by its Cover By Sandy Rodgers © 2011     A day in the life of Sandy Rodgers, today appearing in the Universe as Rev. Rodgers Rescue Ranger.   I was sitting in a McDonald’s utilizing the free WI-FI they now offer. With certain changes in my daily schedule, over the past 2 weeks I have frequented this location to the point several of the employees greet me by name when I enter. So I am just sitting, doing my now regular routine of using my laptop, accessing the … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – August 31st

LIFE AND LIVING © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     August 31st   Life is amazing!   Living it is awesome.   We began the month with the thought of amazement being the theme. We have conscientiously paid attention to our surroundings. We have willingly made some changes to improve our individual lives and lifestyles. We are more aware than ever of our true identity as a worthy, deserving, lovable Child of The Most High.   Continue with using this gift of amazement. Never … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – January 1st – Happy New Year

CELEBRATE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     Norman Vincent Peale writes in his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” ‘throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow’. Another example I read is ‘A little axe can cut down a large tree’ a Jamaican proverb.   For today give full attention to exactly what you desire to achieve. This means to be very precise and crystal clear about your intentions, expectations and goals. What do you really want to manifest? Why?   As you … [Read more...]