Daily IN-spiration – – December 14th

EXPANSIVE ENERGY © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 14th     An ever increasing existence, an expansive energy fills me up. I accept my blessings from The Almighty, Infinite One.   Sit, relax and envision this phenomenal unfolding for you. Picture it clearly, see it in full detail. Do you see it expanding all around you? The Creative Energy is at work in all of creation, especially your life. See it growing rapidly and completely. You are being flooded with goodness and … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – – December 9th

FOLLOW THAT HUNCH © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     December 9th   Have you recently gotten a hunch about something and thought to yourself what should I do about that? Was the hunch so extraordinary that it seems almost impossible to achieve? Are you asking yourself where did the hunch come from?   Hunches can be gentle reminders from God that you are still alive with unmet dreams. A friend of mine recently shared that as he watched ‘The Secret’ he closed his eyes and began … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – – December 6th

WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   December 6th   What God has for you is beyond your wildest imagination! You cannot fathom the richness, the prosperity, the abundance that awaits you!   God created the Storehouse of Plenty! The Creator said ‘you can have everything that you desire’. The Source of all creation is simply waiting for you to make your request known. WOW!   You must be and remain open and receptive to the Good that is yours. Never allow thoughts … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration — November 29th

PRAISE GOD © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     November 29th   Right now stop and sing a song or melody of Thanks to God.   Cannot carry a tune, God is not concerned with your voice. The mere act of singing Praises will activate a Powerful flow of energy in you. Everything will look wonderfully different and beautiful all at the same time. Give Thanks and notice your appreciation of even the small miracles in your life. You arrive just in time to miss the car accident that causes a back … [Read more...]

October 20th – Daily IN-spiration

PREPARED BY PRAYER MAINTAINED BY MEDITATION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   October 20th   I prepare myself today amply with prayers of Thanksgiving and Appreciation. I go into prayer with my Source and I am guided and directed by this Awesome Presence. I willfully expose the desires of my heart to God. I trust and know God will do for me more than I can imagine. So I open up my life to be blessed by The Infinite Intelligence. My blessings are from on High, the dwelling place of The … [Read more...]