March 26th I am always enthused when I can sit at the feet of my elders and have them to share with me. Currently I enjoy the wisdom of several elders, ranging in age from 100 to 80, both men and women, some are adopted family members. I remember even as a child my preference would be to sit and listen to them. I have absorbed much of what they have shared with me, especially those that have passed on. I remember them with a special fondness and love. They were always so willing to share. Their … [Read more...]

Breath of Life

RESPECT LIFE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries February 10th Life is a precious commodity. Life is a gift. Today I respect all life forms. I respect my family and friends. I respect my neighbors and co-workers. I respect strangers. I respect my pets and other animals. I respect life in its various forms. I demonstrate respect by showing appreciation. I say words of gratitude to people around me. I know they are doing the best they can. I willingly offer words of encouragement. I am eager to express … [Read more...]

December 12th – – Health and Wellness

I AM AN HIV/AIDS ADVOCATE by Sandy Rodgers A very dear and weary friend of mine died in the 1980’s from AIDS. He was a loving soul and spirit, always giving his best to others. But his last few days of life were spent in quiet solitude, regretting he had contracted the dis-ease and probably wondering why he had been abandoned in his time of need by his friends. His need for love, support and encouragement, had not changed; that which he gave out he now wished for in return. I saw for myself … [Read more...]

November 7th – – Health and Wellness

Thoughts are Things © Sandy Rodgers Ministries Inc The majority of my adult life has been lived as a very structured, organized, stick to it kind of person. Always having a schedule, daily to-do list or some other form of reminder of what was a priority for that day. No complaining here, I accomplished more than what a lot of persons have dared to dream was even possible. Have won numerous awards, accolades, trophies, certificates and the like.  Have been featured in newspapers, magazines and … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * August 3rd

CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     August 3rd During a traveling adventure, as I was making my way to the gate to catch my flight I had the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. At the Atlanta Airport there is a train system that transports you to each gate and to the other terminal areas. The train appears every two minutes or so. When the door is about to close there is a recorded message announcement that warns you to step away from the doors and the … [Read more...]