March 27th The month of March we set out to create and manifest our reality. What miracles have unfolded for you this month? Have you been able to release old habits? Is your self talk more positive and affirming? We always have the choice to manifest miracles in our life. We can begin today, it is never too late. It is however always what you choose to do. We can allow for change and growth by reviewing our aspirations often. We are here to manifest goodness for each other. We serve others as … [Read more...]


March 23rd Living in integrity is an inside job. We must be completely honest with ourselves first. I choose to live my life in complete integrity. I honor myself by telling myself the truth at all times. I think uplifting thoughts. I choose affirmative language while in self talk. Integrity means to speak in a kind and loving manner. Integrity means I have the obligation to myself to uplift me when I maybe feeling down. Integrity means I am responsible for myself; no one else can do that for … [Read more...]

Novemebr 29th – – Health and Wellness

RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS © Sandy Rodgers Ministries Inc.     INTEGRITY                                          2 HUGE MEASURES (more if needed)   Integrity – What language do you use with yourself when no one else is around to hear what you are saying? What do you tell yourself in the private prism of your mind? Does your light still shine or do you allow it to change, fading away into a nothingness? Are you uplifting with you? Do you speak encouraging words to your self? Is … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * July 31st

NOISE POLLUTION © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     July 31st   This is the last day of our month on Justice. And today we are concentrating on noise pollution. The noise pollution is not from the outside. We are discussing our own created noise pollution, our inner thoughts.  You know the noise pollution I am talking about, the I Can’t and I am not. Those are very toxic and polluting terms to be erased from your consciousness. Silence the noise factor. So what if someone from a long time ago … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * April 11th

INTEGRITY – TRUE TO SELF © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     April 11th   Do you always tell yourself the truth about the things you do? Have you developed a habit that allows you to slight the truth to you?   I stay in absolute integrity with myself. Even if it does not look like love I remain true to myself about the intent and outcome of my actions. I understand and know that I cannot hide from myself. Therefore I begin today to always tell myself the truth.   There may be … [Read more...]