May 27th The small stuff is the situations that appear in your life as opportunities for you to grow and expand. Small stuff can be challenges often seen as difficulties. Small stuff is everything that cannot and will not add value to your life. The small stuff is anything that you cannot control. The small stuff is just that small stuff. The small stuff can be irritating and bothersome. The small stuff is annoying and unimportant. I choose to use my energy and time wisely by focusing on the … [Read more...]

November 27th – – Health and Wellness

THE SECRET TO LONGEVITY © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   I have had the sheer pleasure of sitting at the feet of and sharing completely from the depths of many , many elders. Have sat listening intently to what they had to impart to me and whoever else was there to learn. One such lesson that was a repeated one was, only talk to, share with those who are sincerely listening to you. Another gem was tell your truth boldly and without too much explanation. Afterall, you are the author of the … [Read more...]

October 29th * * * Daily IN-spiration

YOUR CALL TO SERVICE © Sandy Rodgers Ministries     October 29th I see you have answered your call to service and I am proud of you. I know there have been some bumps in the road but that did not and could not stop you from pursuing your dream. You knew what you desired and went after it with full attention. Perhaps you are still waiting for your answer from The Creator, which is a wonderful place to be also. As long as you are taking the necessary time in meditation and prayer, your answer(s) … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration * * * May 8th

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries   May 8th   Have you ever considered the answer to that question, What makes you happy? I was asked that question recently and provided a long list of answers. When I was finished with the list I was told that none of my answers involved anything materialistic. I was then called a ‘simple kind of girl’. And I Loved IT!!!   My list went something like this; the birds singing to me in the early morning hours while it is still dark … [Read more...]