April 10th Evolving is an act of movement. It is neither stagnant nor dormant. Evolving is growing and expanding. Evolving is action. Each day I am evolving. I choose to evolve into an enlightened individual filled with unconditional love, peace, harmony and acceptance. As I evolve I entertain higher insights. I continually strive to stretch wider and wider to grow more and more. I take this evolution seriously. I seek knowledge and wisdom. I feast from The Source all that is good and … [Read more...]


March 20th Yes we are Spiritual Beings living a human life. As we honor our divine Higher-Self we are to create and maintain balance. Balance is created when we are open and receptive to all of humanity. Balance is when we celebrate life in various activities. Balance is the desired state of awareness. Too much of any one thing can cause us to become off-center. On a scale when it is evenly distributed it is in a level mode. Placing too much on either side causes the scale to be unbalanced. … [Read more...]


March 9th Have you ever given any thought to your obituary? What will people have to say at the service commemorating your life? As I witness the passing of loved ones from this earthy place I am filled with Love and Respect for the individual. I listen to the testimonies of others that were also touched by the person. I wonder what will be said about my life and my contributions to humanity. I desire my legacy to be one of peace and empowerment. I want others to remember me as the one who … [Read more...]


March 1st Let this month, the third of the year be about manifesting your dreams and desires. Put aside all excuses and thoughts of limitations. Gather about you people who support you in your quest for manifesting exactly that which you desire. What is it that you have been procrastinating to finally accomplish? What goals are just lying idly in the back of your mind? What reasons have you used to not get this idea manifested? Let this be the month that you determine with all of everything … [Read more...]


February 28th How is your attitude today? Is it Thankful and Appreciative? Is it Joyous and Happy? Is it Excited and Enthusiastic? Is your language positive and uplifting? Does your language support creative life and living? Does your language support empowerment and expansion? What do I gain by holding on to: Hurt Pain Rejection Hate Bitterness Betrayal???? I choose God’s Unconditional Love! I surrender everything to God’s Grace and Mercy! The Triumphant Spirit in me, Heals … [Read more...]


February 26th Today I give my Best! I give my best to myself first. I truly appreciate who I am. I honor myself with uncontrollable gratitude. I see only good in myself. I give my best as a direct reflection of my consciousness. I am my Best and therefore I share my Best. What is your best? Be willing to share it today with all others and yourself. My best is always demonstrated by a genuine, welcoming smile. My best is unconditional Love shown to myself and others. My best is saying “Good … [Read more...]


February 24th Today, think on and repeat these seven words as often as you possibly can. LIFE LIGHT LOVE WISDOM JOY PEACE TRUTH You will begin to notice a shift occurring. You will feel lighter. Please define these words for yourself. I am providing my definitions to help you get started. Life – a free gift from God Light – illumination Love – unconditional Wisdom –applied knowledge Joy – heart felt happiness Peace – calmness Truth – God is…… Surrender all concerns today and think on these … [Read more...]


February 23rd You can manifest miracles when you truly trust and believe you can. You have the power within you to change molehills into mountains. You can create heaven here on earth. Yes YOU! “Use Spirit as a resource not a refuge”, my friend Dr. Pamelaia Sanders told me. I thought how incredibly different that is because we frequently do not use Spirit to benefit us but to provide us with an escape mechanism for procrastination or fear. We have resources to confirm that for instance: You … [Read more...]


February 16th Who are you? Recently the news reported that dog hair is being used on coats that are represented on the label as something else, fur. It is in all the stores even some of the major, more expensive stores. Some designers are pulling their merchandise off the racks. The contents on the label are incorrect. During a session with Common Ground, an HIV/AIDS support program in Atlanta we discussed how labeling can affect and effect an individual. Society shuns individuals by any … [Read more...]


January 30th M Manifesting O Our R Reality E Everyday What do you want to increase in your life? Improved health and vitality? Financial abundance? Happy and harmonious relationships? Utilizing additional gifts and talents? You can have whatever you believe you can have. Your actions are a reflection of your thoughts, what you believe to be true about a situation. To improve your health, you may consider your diet. Do you eat out often at fast food places? You can change and eat differently … [Read more...]