Daily IN-spiration – September 4th

SURRENDER ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries     September 4th   It requires Strength, real powerful strength to Surrender to God’s Will for your life. We think we have and know all the answers. We feel as though no one can tell us what to do or how to do it. And we stay stuck in a fog of uncertainty and confusion.   However, as we surrender to God’s Will for our lives we become peaceful and serene with the manifestations that are unfolding. We smile with acceptance of the bountiful … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – September 3rd

ROBIN HOOD ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries     September 3rd   As I approached a traffic signal, I noticed a beggar, pan handler in the middle of the street with a sign and cup asking the motorists for money as they stopped for the signal. When this man got to my car and asked me for some change, I began an interesting dialogue with him. I did not look away as if I did not see him nor was I upset by what he was doing. Instead I graciously spoke and entertained a conversation with … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – September 2nd

GOLDEN NUGGET © Sandy Rodgers Ministries   September 2nd   YOUAREALWAYS DIVINELY PROTECTED!   As you go about your daily routine today notice how often something or someone just happens along the way that keeps you from harm or danger. A car cuts in front of you while you are driving and you hit the brake or see them just in time to prevent an accident. All around people are getting sick but not you! Have you ever considered that your angel is watching over and protecting … [Read more...]


Don’t Judge A Book by its Cover By Sandy Rodgers © 2011     A day in the life of Sandy Rodgers, today appearing in the Universe as Rev. Rodgers Rescue Ranger.   I was sitting in a McDonald’s utilizing the free WI-FI they now offer. With certain changes in my daily schedule, over the past 2 weeks I have frequented this location to the point several of the employees greet me by name when I enter. So I am just sitting, doing my now regular routine of using my laptop, accessing the … [Read more...]

Daily IN-spiration – September 1st

SURRENDER TO SUCCESS ©Sandy Rodgers Ministries   September 1st   The original thought for September’s theme  was Success. However the more I thought about it, it seemed what most need to do is to surrender to success! That we must surrender our fears, to either failure or success and proceed from there. We must truly know our worth and feel a sense of deserving the best. We are an heir to the Kingdom! The Fullness is ours! Will you, can you accept it?   We each have dreams … [Read more...]