January 26th What a powerful word, what a life changing act, how incredibly liberating: FORGIVENESS. Sometimes we feel as though it is others that we must forgive. I have learned a valuable lesson and that is, the first person we must forgive is ourselves. What has put us in a state where forgiveness is required is our judging someone or something. If it were not for us thinking, by judging a situation or person to be wrong, it would be completely unnecessary for us to even contemplate the … [Read more...]


January 24th I have often heard that death teaches us the most about living. For it tells us that this phenomenal precious commodity is only temporary. How do you live your life? I choose to be of service to all of humanity, not just those who agree with or look like me in some way. I choose to accept and respect the differences between others and myself. I trust the Infinite One to have placed each person who enters my path there for a reason, a season and a lifetime. I handle each as if … [Read more...]


January 21st Today I will live life to its fullest. I will do all that I know is important. I will love unconditionally. I forgive myself and others. I will allow my light to shine brightly. I will glow with enthusiasm and excitement. I will shower others with my goodness by being kind, patient and generous. Today, this very present moment is a precious gift. Today I do what I choose to do with sincerity. I know today will be replaced with my memories and I choose to have those memories be … [Read more...]


January 19th What are your thoughts right now? Are they thoughts of abundance, prosperity, health and wholeness, peace, joy, happiness? If not, why not? It’s your choice. Are you smiling? Smiling is an activity that can change your disposition. Do it. Smile simply because you can and I am asking you to do it. I know you feel better already. Regardless to what is appearing in your life, you can change how you feel about it. Show your appreciation for whatever is going on right now because it … [Read more...]


January 15th In the silence are Love; Peace; Harmony; Justice; Equality and Joy. In the silence is true communion with God, The Creator. In the silence there reside the answers to all of your concerns. The silence holds the key that unlocks the doors to the mystery of life. You can unchain the door to your soul, to the destination in front of you. What is your question? The silence can and will provide you with the answer. The silence is pure and magical. You are restored and comforted in the … [Read more...]


January 9th Today Love YOU more than ever before. Be extra kind and gentle with yourself. Have you made a resolution that you have not been able to keep? Let it go! Let yourself off the hook. Decide today you will not judge yourself. Decide that wherever you are, the place is precisely perfect for YOU!! This day I will love me like never before. I will sing a song of Joy and Peace. Whether it is rap, jazz, blues, country, funk, an oldie, rock and roll or gospel, I will sing all day telling … [Read more...]


January 5th Listen to me please, As I say absolutely no-thing! Listen as I bare my naked soul. Listen as I shout unspoken words Of my authenticity. Listen as I heal my wounds. Listen as I heal my wounded-ness. PLEASE LISTEN You do not need to fix it 4 me. No words are required from you No action. Honor me by simply affirming me Exactly – here and now – where I am. JUST LISTEN … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 27th  A.S.K. – Awakening Spiritual Knowledge! There resides within each of us a divine knowledge of everything we need to know to live an abundant and prosperous life. We have overlooked it because we have been trained not to recognize our connection to The Source, God. The truth is we can summons this knowledge and power whenever we choose. It is awaiting our attention. All that is, is within us. The Creator gifted us with this Spiritual Knowledge. It is … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 18th  Wellness is emotional, physical and spiritual. How is your level of wellness today? I allow myself to release all nonessential emotional baggage. I carry a light load of Happiness and Joy. My bags contain only essential items of Love, Harmony and Cooperation. I pack my bags with Compassion and Mercy. I carry an amble supply of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. My bags pass all the security check points. I am physically fit and improving daily. I exercise my … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 14th  An ever increasing existence, an expansive energy fills me up. I accept my blessings from The Almighty, Infinite One. Sit, relax and envision this phenomenal unfolding for you. Picture it clearly, see it in full detail. Do you see it expanding all around you? The Creative Energy is at work in all of creation, especially your life. See it growing rapidly and completely. You are being flooded with goodness and mercy, the grace of God is acting on your … [Read more...]