May 6th Do you remember the childhood game of Mother May I? It is where a group of children gets together and form a circle. One person is chosen to be the leader. The leader gives instructions to the group and if anyone moves before asking Mother May I, they lose and go back to the beginning mark. It is a game children played, asking permission from the person who they identified as being the leader. As an adult the leader’s name has changed to God. So I ask and wait for an answer. I do not … [Read more...]


May 2nd Today I Remember my life is a miracle. I Remember I Am a highly blessed child of God, The Creator of all things! I choose to remember and give Thanks for my life! It could have been different. I did not have to wake up this morning yet I DID! I AM filled with Thanksgiving for this gift of life! I give thanks as I move about this day, knowing it is a gift that I will cherish. I do not put off until tomorrow those things I can accomplish today. I Remember to tell those dearest to me … [Read more...]


April 10th Evolving is an act of movement. It is neither stagnant nor dormant. Evolving is growing and expanding. Evolving is action. Each day I am evolving. I choose to evolve into an enlightened individual filled with unconditional love, peace, harmony and acceptance. As I evolve I entertain higher insights. I continually strive to stretch wider and wider to grow more and more. I take this evolution seriously. I seek knowledge and wisdom. I feast from The Source all that is good and … [Read more...]


March 6th I begin each day by listening for the melodic sounds of the birds that call my property their home. I can hear such a vast array of melodies. They are all together creating a perfect symphony. Have you ever noticed two strange animals meeting for the first time? There is usually a sense of curiosity and then a romping good time shared. I sit and watch. I find it incredible that the least advanced forms of creation can live in complete harmony. In my back yard are wild rabbits, … [Read more...]


January 11th O.M.G. = ONLY MY GOD Grants me ‘Life’ Only My God – “Protects” me from all harm “Heals” each wound; physical, emotional and mental “Loves” me Unconditionally Only My God Pours “Peace” on all situations Sifts “Strength” to my soul “Satisfies” my “Spirit” Only My God – fills me to overflowing with = Courage Wisdom Harmony Truth Knowledge LOVE Light Only My God will I thank each new dawn and with the setting sun. O.M.G. = ONLY MY GOD … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries  December 31st  Declare your Blessings today. Know that everything that is present in your life is a gift. I graciously receive my gifts from Heaven. I know that I have prepared myself for this manifestation of all good. I have completed the required course work to move forward. I am a good student and I have learned well. I am ready for graduation. Everything I receive is a gift from Heaven. That simply sounds good and very therapeutic to my soul. My Spirit is alive … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries December 15th  What do you hear when people tell you who they are? Do you listen to them or do you process it through the personal filter of your expectations? Do you hear their reality or do you hear blah, blah, blah because you need to hear only what you choose to hear? In the end you want to blame the person for not being who you assumed they would be. Most people show up in their authenticity and when we listen to what they have to say we can truly learn who they … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 24th  Scripture tells us to remember the Sabbath and to keep it Holy. The Sabbath is a different day depending upon which doctrine you ascribe to. For the unity of those reading this message, the Sabbath is any day you desire for it to be. For with the observance of the Sabbath we are told to take a day of rest and honor The Creator with worship. I worship The Creator as often as I can. I have church in my house as regularly as I can. The Church is in your … [Read more...]


©Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 23rd  Allow Infinite Intelligence to be your coach. A coach directs the action and calls the game plan to win! The coach will tell you where you need to improve, what corrections you need to make to win the game! The coach is always present at each game. The coach takes pride in helping you to win! WOW, using God as your coach. That is the Ultimate Life Coach. Play the game of life to win. Discover your purpose and proceed. Seek the advice of your trusted … [Read more...]


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries November 16th  God is more than money is what I was told by Mother Elnor Abdullah. This simple yet eloquent statement stopped my thoughts. What does she mean by this? Our Elders are always gifting us with wisdom when we allow them to. Sometimes we confine our prayer request, to Infinite Source, to financial matters. Sometimes we get lost in the support we feel we need and it is not readily present. Or is it? As we have learned from various teachers, what we focus on … [Read more...]